It's vast, this space you have left.
I knew I would miss you,
of course I would,
but what should I do now
with this space?
Yes, there is a sort of freedom,
your parting gift,
what you wanted us to have
so we could,
live our own lives,
but this space! 

I think I know why you couldn't let go,
even though you were so tired.
A mum never leaves her child.
You knew that space,
you knew it because you have felt it.
Now we know it, too,
and Mum, it is such a space. 

So you hung on,
with every laboured breath,
until we found the courage to say,
it's okay to say goodbye,
it's okay to let us go,
it's okay to reach for your sky,
we are ready to let you go.

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