Occasionally you come across an artist that not only writes a fantastic narrative, but also seemingly makes everything they touch sound like their own”

Neil King FATEA


A singer/songwriter originally from London, Marina’s music crosses a number of genres and has been described as Acoustic, Americana, Blues, Country and Folk, while it doubtless draws inspiration from all these sources her voice and style are uniquely her own.  

She has been compared to some of the best vocalists in the music world, from Nanci Griffiths to Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash to Patsy Cline and more. Read the Bio

Tracks 2021

Released May 1st

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A Collaboration with Del Owusu & Kate Dimbleby

My latest release 'Will You' is a happy little tune down the aisle written for my sister, hope you like it sis...

Released March 19th

A little piece of fun...

Written/LV/BV/Guitar/Banjo/Percussion/Cajon: Marina Florance. Bass/Mandolin: Mark Jolley. Photograhy: Gary Florance

Such thoughtful lyrics, really spot on, just memorable melodies”

— Eve Blair BBC Radio Ulster

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Send me an email, I'd love to hear from you