six weeks since you left 
and closed your front door 
for the last time 
leaving home comforts 
and me behind 
been hard to see you lately 
haven’t even waved at you 
through a pane of glass 
the pain scars me 

carers helped with facetime 
panned your room so i've seen it 
but i haven’t 'seen' it 
facetime whose face 
you had no idea who i was 
you couldn’t hear me. 
you couldn’t seem to see me 
i called you mum but mum 
who did you think i was 

twice a week 
i collect and return your laundry 
washed ironed 
folded with love 
my lasting connection with you 
what are you wearing today 
what did you wear yesterday 
what will you wear tomorrow 
i don't help you choose anymore 

maybe next week they say 
hope is taking its toll 
are you happy 
do you think about me 
i’m not happy 
i’m not happy at all 
tears don’t change a thing 
but they come