Take Me Back In Time
Written by: Marina Florance and Jules Fox Allen after attending Warm and Toasty Memory Afternoons at The Lion Walk Activity Centre, Colchester.

Marina Florance: LV/BVs, Guitar, Cajon
Dave Scragg: Trombone & Brass Section
Mark Jolley: Bass, Violin
Take, Take me back,
back in time, when life drifted by.

Through, through golden fields
chasing dreams, in our hand me downs.

Walk, walk with me
down the aisle, as the church bells ring.
Sometimes dreams came true,
some flowed away with the wash day blues,
lives held together with a stich or two,
make and do and mend our way through

Hold, hold my hand
dance me down the aisle again.


Long, long to be
with you now, those simple days.
Repeat verse 1