1974 (that's how it was in those days) 

Waiting for the bus
the number 16
Cricklewood Broadway
to Edgware Road
I have no idea when it's coming
because it's 1974
with only the bus stop timetable
to give me a clue
that's how it was in those days
we just waitied
if it came it came
if it didn't
we walked
often they came in pairs
hold tight please
ding ding
we're on our way
wait a minute
there's a bloke
he grabs the pole
jumps on
that's how it was in those days

mostly I sat upstairs
I don't know why
once I sat downstairs
someone was rude to me
on the otherhand
things happened upstairs too
still, that's where I sat
you could smoke upstairs
that's how it was in those days
fares please
the conductor called
as he moved around the bus
I loved the ticket machine
worn like an oversized necklace
clicking and clunking
dispensing curved tickets
all off a roll
that occassionally
ran out
combined with
the leather money bag
a perfect match
change given
that's how it was in those days

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