For decades football has been about money, fans' feelings flung to the sidelines, homes of football renamed, removed, demolished, emblems redesigned, colours sullied, players graded by statistics, assists, completed passes, goals (the only stat that actually matters), game times changed for TV, and why? Greed? 

If you can afford it you can watch it, pay tens of pounds monthly to see "your team", listen to commentary that doesn't commentate but opinionates from a commentary box. 

Greed is at the heart of a national game, and it has clogged its arteries, bloodied its lines, as we look on bewildered, detached, dazed, and dazzled by the numbers. 

Whose greed is more greedy? Is 'more greedy' a thing, or is it just greed. 

When changes are suggested, don't sit in your ivory towers telling us, the fans, from a distance. We won't like it, we won't accept it. Take away their crowns, deduct their points, send them down. We, the fans, have already lost all this. It's already gone. It's been gone for decades, sold to the highest bidder. 

To accuse another player in the game of greed is an irony and a joke. Who's the joke on this time, whose greed has been outdone by the greediest of them all...?