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  1. In Orange

Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/artist/79EKPC75ayNxXg6AWQ8WGg
Written: FLorance/Fox Allen
from the studio album 'Somewhere Down The Line'
In Orange:
The last light has turned darkest black
All the anonymous faces have found their way back
Taking only the time we had to spare
Not wanting to share, not wanting to share
We could talk for hour upon hour
Knowing the end will be the same
Drawing us so near another secret to be shared tonight
Only us to hear, only us to hear

Take my words as truth
And another lie will not be spoken
As a token of my love
Take my hands and we’ll go
Slowly to the top of the stairs
There’s something there, there’s something there
That we can both believe in
In orange, in orange, in orange

All the life is flowing back to me
Orange shades of memory
Watching from above a shadow of you and me sends its love
The world fades away, the world fades away