'The Blue Lady' a song based on the inspirational life of May Alice Savidge who moved her medieval house from Ware, Hertfordshire to Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk. The song also tries to encompass the struggle of Christine Adams (May's niece) who made a promise to complete the house after Mays death in 1993. released January 17, 2014
Written By: Florance/Fox Allen
Marina Florance: Vocal, all BVs and Guitar
Julie Fox Allen: Humming BV
Ben Walker: Resonator Guitar and Production
Recording: Ben's Room
Mastering: Tonalex
Artwork: Jules Allen


Brown paper parcels, boxes and bags
a house with a story to tell
of love and loss and paths that crossed
A promise to be fulfilled
In '53 came the news
they would raise that house to the ground
without a care for the hopes and dreams
of the woman who called it home
Was there ever such a dreamer
under the Norfolk skies
there are worse troubles at sea
for the blue lady and me
Beam by beam, tile and stone
she made her mark on everyone,
carried away with this labour of love
until the time had come
One hundred miles of open road
they carried each beam, tile and stone
to a place next the sea
one woman and all she’d owned
Through endless days, and endless nights,
she kept diaries by candlelight
boxes so high, row after row
working tirelessly and alone
23 years of devotion
And a broken heart tied up with string
Outside a nightingale sings
What will tomorrow bring