With Blues guitar by Ben Smith


I hear what you're saying all your thinking out loud
you gotta problem baby I can help you out
yeah I can roll my belly say what you wanna hear
& you can do your thing baby but lets get somethin’ clear

This big legged woman ain’t nobodies fool
its just the woman in me brings out the devil in you
and if your playin games with me baby
I ain’t gonna be your toy
cause this big legged woman needs a man not a boy

I got you wrapped round my finger got you towing the line you think I’m yours honey but I know your mine
show me what your made of show me you’re a man
and I’ll show you heaven baby cause you know I can


Well I told you once and I told you twice
you get it right baby I can be so nice
wrap me round your finger get me towing the line
well I know I’m yours honey but do you know your mine

Chorus, repeat 1st verse Chorus