She takes down a photograph
and she holds it to her breast
just as she'd done the child it shows
she remembers his hair and how it felt
and she curses the path he chose

with a boyish smile and happiness
he picked the shilling and the gun
and she looks back with fear and dread
when he told her what he'd done

like his father before him and his grandfather to
he'll march to war to save me and you
and have we learned nothing, nothing at all
when will we stop sending young men to war

yet she smiled and she waved him goodbye
as only a mother can
and if god was good if god was great
she'd see him return home again

but fickle fate it knows no god
makes judgements where it will
and IEDs don't discriminate
'bout who they maim or kill


young sons often come home its true,
fulfilling their mothers fears
not with a boyish smile or happiness
but draped in flags and a mothers tear

Chorus, repeat 1st verse