'The Tale of Marcy Borders' this song was written in the later part of 2006, hence the line "5 years ago it happened" At the time Marcy Borders had made a slight recovery but was to unfortunately relapse, after many more years of suffering the trauma of 9/11 she finally came out of the depths of despair after hearing about the death of Osama Bin Laden in May 2011. When we wrote this song Marcy Borders was known to have said she did not like the term 'The Dust Lady' and that is why there is no reference to it in the song.

The Tale Of Marcy Borders

The beauty of the city, like no where else on earth
In a building that stood so high
She could feel the hand of god
Her life was unremarkable, Until that fateful day
Just trying to make a livin
But barely gettin by

Five years ago it happened, almost to the day
When the hand of fate lifted Marcy down
To guide her on her way
In a moment her life was flashing by, Could have ended like the rest
But it was written she would stay
To see another day


There are good days, there are bad,
There are some we can’t forget
There are days that stay etched in the mind
But the tale of Marcy Borders was to have a happy end
Like a phoenix from the ashes she would rise

Through the chaos and confusion, she made her way towards the light
Knowing for indecision
She could pay the highest price
Her blue skies where lost beneath, dark heavy, clouds of grey
how things can change In the blink of an eye


For a time she was lost, lost in her fears
But she took her darkest moments
Washed them with her tears
And she hung on for 2 long years, Wonderin if she would heal
now she can smile each day she’s alive

Chorus X 2

Marcy Borders in her own words http://vimeo.com/28767268