You Couldn't Make This Up

Found you dressed this morning, 
sitting on the edge 
of your home hospital bed 
in your polka dot swimsuit. 
You thought you were on holiday, 
but couldn't understand why 
the pictures on your wall 
were the very same as the ones 
on your own bedroom wall. 
You couldn't make this up, 
I thought to myself; 
you are funny, you make me laugh. 
A heart that's in the right place 
stays in the right place no matter 
how muddled the mind. 
You smile, laugh at yourself, 
chatty, happy even. 
It's going to be a good day, I think 
as we change your polka dot swimsuit 
for something slightly more suitable. 

Written from experiences shared with me by my sister who cares for my mum.

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